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Is It More Expensive To Lay A Concrete Driveway Or Replace All Your Home Windows?

Have You Just Noticed A Problem With Your Driveway Or Home Windows?

You probably don’t think about your driveway or your home window until you notice a problem. 

The potholes, cracks, wear, and tear caused by the passage of time is often what calls your attention to fixing your driveway or home windows. Now that you have noticed that it is time to make some changes, you can’t seem to make up your mind on which one to go for first. 

Well, relax. If you continue reading this post, you will find out what to do.  

Cost Of Laying A Concrete Driveway.

A concrete driveway can be very expensive and costly. There are several factors involved in the replacement or installation cost. Laying a new concrete driveway can be quite expensive. The average installation cost ranges from $7.65 per square foot to $5375 for residential driveways. 

The installation expenses are huge. They cover every step of the construction process. From the topsoil’s removal to the installation of sand, gravel, and stone, the cost increases significantly. Compaction of the driveway base, installation of forms and frames are some of the processes that demand money.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Laying A Concrete Driveway

Some other factors also influence the cost of laying a new concrete driveway. One of these factors is the size of the driveway. The larger the driveway, the more expensive it is to construct. However, small driveway costs more per square foot than large driveways when other factors are compared.

 Other factors that affect the cost of laying concrete driveways include the shape of the driveway, strength, depth of the driveway, excavating requirements and site conditions, and year of construction.

Cost Of Replacing All Your Home Windows

The answer to this question is not far-fetched, but there is not a straightforward answer. The cost of replacing your home windows varies from place to place. However, the average cost of replacing a single broken window in your home ranges from $300 to $1000. 

Factors That Affect The Cost of Replacing Your Home Windows 

Some factors can determine the cost of replacing windows in your home. Some of these factors include the size of the window, the frame material, and the quality of the glass. The glass quality is one essential factor that affects the cost of window replacement. The higher the quality of the glass, the more expensive it is.

Is It More Expensive To Lay A Concrete Driveway Or Replace All Your Home Windows?

With the analyses mentioned in the paragraphs above, it is evident that the cost of each of the activities depends on some factors. Where the sizes of windows are relatively small, the cost of constructing a concrete driveway may be higher. But where there are many high-quality windows to be replaced, the cost of window replacement will be higher than laying concrete driveways.


The cost of laying a concrete driveway cannot be said to be higher than the cost of replacing all your home windows until all factors are considered.

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