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Most Common Construction Jobs

When it comes to construction, many of us are intrigued by its process. We often wonder what would be the jobs for constructions and how they might be ranked. Well, buckle up because we are going on a field trip to find out all about the construction jobs

Construction Superintendent:

A construction superintendent is the chief of the operations. He observes the development of the construction projects keeping a keen eye for errors. He closely looks at the project from start to completion. It is his responsibility to keep the workers safe from any harm and schedule the work on a daily basis for the construction. However, their duties are not limited to only these responsibilities.

Project engineer:

It is the best job for someone with engineering skills interested in managing positions. They observe the complicated technicalities of the engineering projects to provide quality and accuracy in the engineering project for their company. Project engineers are responsible for the preparation, assigning, coordination, and scheduling of the engineering projects.

Construction Estimator: 

We are not a fan of this guy as he gives us the estimated amount of expenditure on the construction project. They survey the projects, estimating the cost of material and labor. They also estimate the project timelines as well as perform the role of the middle man between the customers and the company regarding financial communication. In order to fulfill their client’s expectations, they need to have keen attention towards the evaluation of projects avoiding any margin of errors

Construction Inspector:

They are the man of the government to look at the project for any lawbreaking construction or unsafe building projects. For this purpose a lot of their time is spent on construction sites, to make sure that the new construction is up to the codes of construction set by the government. 

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman electrician is responsible for installing and maintaining the electrical system in the commercial and residential buildings. He makes sure that the electrical system is working correctly after installation, is safe to use, and is up to the code as well. His job also includes repairing the broken electrical systems.


The man is responsible for the fluent flow of water in our pipes. Plumber not only installs the pipes but also fixes the broken pipes in new and existing buildings. Their duties demand extreme physical labor, from fixing the sewage pipes to broken sink drain pipes, including toilets and showers as well.

Pipe Fitter

 Pipefitters play with metal to shape it according to the given specifications for industrial use. They use the techniques of welding, threading, cutting, soldering, bending and many others to turn the metal into the perfect desired shape. His other duties include transportation and installation of the pipes in the building under construction. 


Carpenter works with the materials made of wood. He reshapes, polishes, and repairs the wooden structures, making them smooth and renewing them using all these skills. Carpenters measure and cut wood, drywall, and fiberglass using power tools, and shape them into structures required for use.


Masonry contractors are among some of the most skilled architectural designers in the contractor world. Most masonry contractors specialize in concrete due to the fact that there is a lot of potential to make money in these jobs. They will od a range of different concrete jobs ranging from concrete patios, concrete maintenance, concrete driveways, concrete structures, and even different varieties of decorative concrete.

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