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Who To Call If A Tree Falls In Your Window

What Are The Hazards Associated With A Tree Falling In Your Window?

The thought of a tree falling in your window can be very challenging and terrifying. It can result in harm or injury to the members of the family. Even if no member of the family is harmed in any way, it could cause structural damage. 

A tree falling in your window could end up costing a lot of money for repair, replacement, and perhaps temporary lodging. These financial expenses could be a burden on you.

Therefore. You must contact a qualified company to take precautions to ensure a safer environment for your family, home, and neighbors.

Who To Call If A Tree Falls In Your Window

When a tree falls in your window, you need to contact several people or institutions/companies. Some of these individuals or institutions include the following.

Emergency Service: the first point of contact with the call should be the emergency service. The emergency service will see to the rescue of every individual who sustains an injury during the fall. They will ensure that there is a security of life and property. With the advent of the emergency service, everyone in the home, including your pets, are brought to safety. 

A Reputable Contractor: This plays a crucial role in covering the damage done to your window and house when a tree falls in it. A reputable contractor should be called to board up or tarp broken windows and any holes in any part of your home. This will protect and safeguard your belongings as well as the home’s interior from further weather damage. 

If you intend to participate in fixing or covering broken windows, ensure you do so with care and precaution to avoid injuries and wounds that may be caused by sharp glasses. However, it is safer and better to leave window-fixing and roof-tarping to the professionals. 

Homeowner’s Insurance Agent: The insurance agents’ roles in covering damage caused by falling trees are indispensable. Contacting the insurance agent comes with getting estimates for the repair work. The estimates will include broken window damage, structural damage, damaged siding, and also damage to the contents of your home.

Usually, the homeowner’s insurance company employs the service of the adjuster. The adjuster determines the extent of the damage and the corresponding cost of repair. 

Your homeowner’s insurance agent should be able to cover the repair costs. However, this largely depends on how the tree fell and its health status. Generally, an average homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage caused by trees uprooted by a powerful or strong wind. Also, homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage caused by trees with ill health. Hence, it is crucial to consider the health of your trees as they grow. 

Apart from repair to damage, the homeowner’s insurance agent can also cover the cost of removing the downed tree. 


There are several damages caused by falling trees. When a tree falls in your window, you must contact persons and institutions to cover the expenses associated with the damage. This will reduce the burden on you and help you in building a healthy and safer home.

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